Marshall Eye Wear Store only manufacture the best kind of eyewear


Luxurious Eyewear without the Expensive Price 


Welcome to Marshall Eye Wear Store! We are taking care of your eyes since 1992. 


Eyewear has become the new fashion statement of the century. What started as simply a protective eye cover has now become among the fashion statement of both adults and teenagers alike. Gone were those days when we rely solely on clothes to impress. Nowadays, no matter how simple our clothes are, with the help of the right eyewear, we are covered – we could be as glamorous or as hip as we want. 


Our Eyewear 


Marshall Eye Wear Store is dedicated to producing eyewear that would be accessible to the public in terms of price without compromising the quality. We are selling here unique varieties that are not found elsewhere. From sunglasses of various shapes and sizes to eyeglasses that would address your blurry eyes without going out of style, up to specialized goggles with a grade that won’t interfere in your active lifestyle, we have it all here. We even have both colored and clear contact lenses just in case you prefer them.  


All of these come at a very affordable price that you won’t anymore need to break an arm and leg just to afford them. 


The Quality 


Marshall Eye Wear Store only manufacture the best kind of eyewear in the market. We only make use of the highest quality of raw materials to create our every piece. Our products undergo series of quality control checking before it is released in the market. More so, it is created with accuracy and precision by our veterans who underwent training on techniques and proper handling of tools in making the perfect eyewear. 


Our Service 


Coming to our Marshall Eye Wear Store, our staff would never disappoint. They would give you the best customer service experience that you deserve. They are at your beck and call the moment you enter our store. They would assist you in choosing the perfect eyewear that would fit the shape of your face, up to the various eyewear choices available.  


Just in case what you are vying for is a pair of eyeglasses for your blurry sight, we also have in-house physicians that could assist you in an eye check-up. They are very friendly and would make you feel at ease while you are in their care. They are very professional with only your well-being in their minds. They would set the lenses of your eyeglasses that you’d feel that your eyes are as good as new. 


For the lenses available on eyeglasses, we have the single vision and the progressive or the multi-focal lenses that are best for people who need assistance in viewing different distances. Although nowadays we are encouraging the application of multicoated lenses, regular lenses are still available. You could integrate here scratch resistant and/or heat adaptive lenses that change color when you are in the direct heat of the sun. This also helps protect you from the harmful UV rays.  


Not convince yet? Then get out now from under that garage door in Colorado Springs and drive to our nearest stores yet. If you need to do the garage door maintenance Colorado Springs, this will help you see the clear picture. See there the marvel that is the eyewear made only by the Marshall Eye Wear Store.