Heya Guys! Are there new releases yet? Been waiting for the summer collection like forever since Marshall Eye Wear Store announced them last month. So excited to get the Daisy and the Layla to add to my collection!  




Not yet. They won’t be releasing it until the end of the month, so I heard. This store is really a bomb. Been buying here for years. I almost have a cabinet full of their sunglasses. I wish I could bring everything with me when I travel. Without sunglasses makes me feel naked.  




That’s sad. It’s taking almost forever already! So raiding their stores upon the release of their new collection. I’ve heard there’s a huge demand for this that’s why I’m listening closely. I don’t want them to run out of the designs I want before I get my hands on them. We have the same wish during our travel. Me too, I just cannot choose just 3-4 pairs whenever I go around and see other views. I always feel the need to bring so many because they just look great in every outfit I have. But I love the Ericka better. 




@leahbitzu, That’s my favorite too. In fact, I even have two pairs of them. My sister keeps on borrowing one so I needed an extra just in case. But their Blush and Bloom from the Vintage Collection is great too. Brings you back to the past. So 80’s and I so love to pair it with my casual wear. It was already announced that Marshall Eye Wear Store is planning to have their Summer Sale. So you should also be on the lookout for this. 




Yeah, I’ve already heard about too and I am so excited!!! I feel like sleeping outside their store already.