Good day, shoppers! In order to assist you better with your inquiries, we have added this additional tab for you. You can check this out to guide you through buying our products. Just in case your questions are not addressed here, then you can email us at the contact details found on our contact page. Happy Shopping! 


Can I buy your products online? 


Yes, you can. This site is made specifically for that purpose. We love that you are showing interest in buying from the Marshall Eye Wear Store. Just to give you a tip, we regularly give out vouchers for discounts to our customers who register for our newsletter. So, if you want some savings from your purchases, then you can register today to get a welcome voucher for us.  


Can I return or exchange the products I bought online? 


All of our products underwent series of tests for quality control. However, if you think that the product you receive is not at par with the standards we have set, then you are free to send it back to us. You can email us for the details on this so our customer service representative would be able to assist you.  


Can I order online, but pick it up at the physical store? 


Yes, you can. But before you do it, be sure to specify in our order form the details of the products and to what store you want to pick it up from. We do not offer the same designs in our every store. Sometimes the specific design preferred by our valued customer still need to be shipped from our other stores. In this case, you need to give a 2-3 days allowance time before you come to pick up your order. Failure to pick up your order means that it is up for grabs to other shoppers.