About Us 

Thank you for taking to visit Marshall Eye Wear Store. We are the company that is providing high quality of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and other forms of eyewear to the general public since 1992. All of our products underwent series of quality control testing to ensure that they are at par with the high standards we have set before being released to the public. All of these could be bought here at our official website, our physical stores, and partner stores. All of these also come at a price affordable to the general public.  


Marshall Eye Wear Store was founded by Marshall Antonio in 1992. It was just a store then selling sunglasses and other forms of merchandises. It was during the middle of that year when partner Lucas Edmonton entered the picture, the focus of this store shifted. It decided to focus on supplying affordable sunglasses and eyeglasses to the general public. Edmonton and Antonio believe that sunglasses should be a part of everyday fashion and should not be just a piece of accessory that protects the eyes. This is the reason why they had started tinkering with what they already have, and redesigning it to a whole new level. Today, Marshall Eye Wear Stores are already popular with their signature designs that are most coveted by teenagers and adults alike. They continue to give people a breath of fresh air several times a year as they release a new set of collection for the coming season. 


Marshall Eye Wear Store pride themselves on their customer service. So just in case, you want to try it out, whether in the physical store or by buying through this site, please expect that you are going to be assisted accordingly. Our staff will help you throughout the process of choosing, up to the checkout. We only live to serve you better.